Unique range of teambuilding events in western europe

With more than twelve years’ experience in organizing team-building events, Detonation & Co. Int. offers you a WIDE range of fantastic team-building activities, both indoor and outdoor. We have a UNIQUE PROGRAMME in EUROPE capable of suiting nearly all group sizes, profiles, aims and objectives.


We endeavour to meet your requirements by involving, encouraging and facilitating attendees to transform their performance from individual into a collective effort.
Well-chosen and facilitated teambuilding events are not only fun but are designed to emphasise the importance of teamwork for the future success of an organization.

By participating in one of our teambuilding concepts or programmes, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between seven categories of team building depending on whether you want to

  1. simply break the ice
  2. instill leadership
  3. incentivize
  4. challenge your colleagues to greater heights
  5. boost strategic thinking capabilities
  6. enhance confidence and communication
  7. or, just say thank you.

CAT 1 : Out & about together

CAT 2 : Find the artist in you & the others

CAT 3 : Team Challenges

CAT 4 : corporate Games

CAT 5 : corporate teambuildings

CAT 6 : Team Coaching

CAT 7 : Social & ecological events


From the initial phone call, we aim to convert your requirements into creative, budget-oriented concepts. From there on, we work hard to ensure that the project is executed with the conscientiousness and commitment for which we have become well known.

We can organize teambuilding activities for you anywhere in Europe. We specialize in events in the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland.
From start to finish, Detonation & Co. Int will host and manage your team-building event. We have a qualified, experienced, friendly team of professional instructors and facilitators who love their jobs and will make you feel safe, welcome and comfortable. Our instructors can provide a complete briefing, analysis and discussion service in addition to instruction and full facilitation, of the team-building event.
Detonation & Co. Int will happily tailor any of our team-building activities to suit your requirements. We can also arrange team-building events for the less physically able.