Client : Numeca Int.
Venue/spot : Belgium – Ardennes  Ovifat Domaine des hautes fagnes
Dates : 29 may 2015
Goal : Annual Team building for all employees
Amount attendees  : About 80 Persons
Budget / person : 150 euro / person VAT excl.
Concept : Organization of an indoor trophy in a hotel parklogo-numeca-hr 3hf 2 1 Principle : According to the legend of the Olympic Games (Heracles Trophy) participants had to pass 8 tests from 20 to 25’ in shift (rotation system) following a precise pattern!

At each post, the team was rated on one of the 6 features: endurance, dexterity, strength, insight, sense of strategy, motivation, and received a number of points. In the end game scores are added to designate the winning team.


List of the tests : Mölky, Finnish Mini Bowling game, Kubb is an old Nordic strategy game. It can be described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes, Evil Quizz : multiple choice questions about culture, Geography, history, science, … A correct answer makes the participant moving forward from one space, a bad answer makes him back, Bump into and win : Each team member was is wearing a harness attached to a horizontal rope. The ropes are attached so that participants will inevitably cross themselves to get to the other end. The team that manages to clear the faster wins, Rifle shooting,  (Blind) proof taste, sense and smell, special mini golf, horseshoe contest,


This package included  :

Activities and general organization : Put on disposal of a room + terrace for the briefing, closure drink part

general coordination and guidance in English, French, Dutch, se of all necessary material for the activity, complete organization of the track game , individual insurance in case of any accidents, 5 of the above mentioned activities

Catering: Welcome coffee, Distribution of fruits, snacks and beverage during the sport activity,