Client: Citibank N.V.
Location: The region of La Roche and the Ardennes
Date: 15/04/2007
Goal: Teambuilding for young managers
Number of participants: 100
Budget per person: 200 euro / person without VAT
beobank-logo Departure: All the participants were welcomed with an appetizer and a walking buffet.Seminar: The presentation started at 1pm and ended at 4pm with a coffee break & briefing about the activities of the day.4×4 trip: The guests were welcomed to make a choice out of 25-30 magnificent off-road vehicles.

– 8 renewed Range-Rovers from 1944 –  Nissan pick-ups – Jeeps Cherokee  – Toyota – BMW X5  – Mercedes ML – and other off road vehicles

Circuit: The circuit took place in the well known nature-environment of St-Hubert starting from the castle of Miroir (private Venue). The vehicles were guided through secondary roads, signalized tracks and paths, gorgeous forest roads normally forbidden for 4×4 vehicles and some specialized off-road tracks. This journey lasted approximately 3hours. During that trip the participants were able to master the following basic techniques:

–        maintain control over the vehicle in off-road conditions

–        understand the use and meaning of the second gear shift, typical on those vehicles

–        Acquire some knowledge to drive easily those cars.


Driven professionals instructors guided the participants during the whole tour in order to provide a safe environment at all time.


A glass in friendship with some snacks closed this day of remembrance.